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About Us                                                                                                            Recipient of the Prestigious National Award
                                                                                       "SHIKSHA BHARATI AWARD"
Our Mission:                                   
Dev's Music Academy is more than just a music education institute...it is a philosophy.
We believe that:
Music education should be taught by qualified professionals in a manner which is
challenging but motivating, educational yet fun.
* Music lessons should prepare the student for a lifetime of enjoying music--far beyond
  their years as a student. Learn how to play any song independently.
*In order for music lessons to work, there must be mutual respect between student and teacher.
*Music education is integral for human development, and should be an essential part of every
  person's total education.
*Music is not just another activity, but should be enjoyed by the family as a whole, not just the
  person taking lessons.
*Music is an integral tool for self-expression, social interaction and building culture.
*Music study helps create a cultural identity, which is becoming more and more necessary in
  our global times.
*Music study builds character, strength, discipline and discerning tasks.
What makes us Unique?
Dev's Music Academy is the only music school that offers sequential-based programs for all age groups. This means that you can start your music education with us as a baby, and continue "graduating" on to the next sequential program throughout adulthood, even into the professional level. The many benefits of this approach include becoming completely comfortable in your learning environment, and being able to stay under that tutelage as your needs and goals change. You can build relationships here at Dev's Music Academy, and we think of you as our extended family. That makes all the difference in the world to your learning success!
Our History:
Originally an idea of Dev's Music Academy's director/owner, Mr. Dev, Dev's Music Academy started as an idealistic dream. Mr. Dev sought the opportunity to create his vision of a community music school which, not being burdened by funding sources, would be free to create interesting new approaches to teaching music.
Dev's Music Academy started its operations in Bombay in the year 1996. Since then it has come a long way. After ten years of successful musical training in Bombay now Dev's Music Academy has shifted its base to Pune. Started with a meagre two students in 1996, Dev's Music Academy now boasts of trained over 10000 students in a span of over a decade. Now with our flexible new batch timings, Programs like "Come till you Learn" we are able to offer coaching for several musical instruments in applied music, academic music, music for families and music wellness.
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