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DJ Mixing Course

Diploma in DJ Mixing 


Course Duration: Six Months


Course Fees: Rs 26000 /- Only


Course Syllabus:

• Introduction about live (its purpose and mission)
• Setting up a DJ template (customize)
• Mixing in Key, Selecting the audio interface (preferences)
• How to use the Nudge feature as your pitch control
• Mix & record from session view, to arrange page
• Arrange page editing (finishing touches to the mix)
• Exporting the mix to the desktop, DJ set (10 minute performance)
• Equipment basics: Explanation of key parts Turntables, Mixer, CDJ’s.
• Cueing: How to Perfect your Cueing Skills
• Beatmixing • Drop mixing: How to perform your first basic Mix.
• Performing your 1st mix: Mixing with two copies of same record
• Phrase Mixing: The ability to accurately mix using the musical phrases in a record.
• Headphone Mixing: How to mix professionally with Headphones.
• Controlling the booth. How to use Booth Monitoring
• EQ Mixing: How to use EQ to enhance the smoothness of your mixes.
• Track selection: Tip’s and Tricks on how to select the right music.
• Pitch control: How to effectively control the pitch.
• Final mix Preparation: Final tips from Tutor’s before you prepare for your set at

  Ministry of Sound

   We Provide Placement Assistance to our Students.  * Students of All Ages Enjoy Devs Music DJ Classes in Pune.



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